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Sunflower Seeds and Chamoy Sauce



I try to eat mostly raw, unprocessed foods.  However, I am human.  This is one of my favorite quick snacks for times when I feel I need to have a snack while watching a movie and everyone else is eating candy or other something else that makes my blood sugar rise just from drawing the excess carbs swirling around in the air through my skin.  lol. There is no shortage of flavor in this puppy.

Snack Menu

  • sunflower seeds
  • chamoy
  • Diet Dr Pepper

Chamoy?  Chamoy is a salty, tangy, citrusy sauce made from pickled fruit.  Usually the fruit is mango, apricot, or plum.  It can be found in Mexican sections of stores or at Mexican markets.  The nutrition labels usually have no or scant sugar and carbs listed.

I have eaten this sauce since childhood as a candy.  We could get it in small plastic pouches from ice cream trucks. We would cut off the top, pour in some sunflower seeds, mix it all together, and enjoy.

Now as an adult I pour a handful of sunflower seeds into a bowl, squirt some chamoy on top, and use a spoon to deliver chamoy-coated sunflower seeds into my mouth to savor the sauce and crack open.  Yummmmz


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