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For women with diabetes who are pregnant, trying to conceive, with children (no matter what age), or just thinking about having a baby someday.

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"Diabetic Mommy is hands down, bellies out, lancets ready, pumps infused, syringes filled, fingers poked the BEST site on the entire web!" -Fantacy, Type 2, Ohio

"LIFE with diabetes - not diabetes with a little bit of life thrown in" -Kendra, Type 1, Virginia

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October 2009

We now have a members-only DM Sisterhood community site
Check it out!

July 2008

We had our 2nd Annual Diabetic Mommy Get-Together in Hershey, PA.
More Info!

Great thanks to the following sponsors for making it possible:

Animas Corporation
A-Lok Products, Inc.
CureDM, Inc.
Insulet Corporation
Integrated Diabetes Services
Medtronic Diabetes
Outlook Life
Smiths Medical, Diabetes Division

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Holiday Inn Harrisburg East
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August 13, 2007

We had a Las Vegas Get-Together Weekend last month. Very awesome! Watch this section for links to pictures and the presentation given by our editor/hostess Laura Guthrie!

June 23, 2006

An excerpt from a memoir by writer JoAnne Prager - My Life as a Diabetic; Don't Try this at Home.

A new page showcasing member blogs, webpages, businesses, and projects. If you are a member and would like a link to your page included, contact me with your name, the name you would like listed, your forum name if you have one, and the link. SORRY, this is currently limited to members only.

Do you have problems using our main forum? Check out an alternative.

I have updated the weight loss group page.

June 1, 2006

Diabetic Mommies have been meeting up! We are planning a "big" get-together in the middle of 2007 in Las Vegas! More info will be provided as it gets closer. Keep an eye on the forum and in the newsletters! Would you like to have input on planning? Join us HERE.

January 14, 2006

I started a new drug called Byetta on Jan 13. I have added a new section to the site where I am documenting my experience with it. You will find the page HERE.

December 9, 2005

Treating Diabetes in Pregnancy - book excerpt from the book
Conquering Diabetes
by Anne L. Peters, M.D.

Check out the latest updates to Michelle's Journal! (Maya is here!)

September 21, 2005

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has generously provided experts to provide answers to some of our most asked questions!

Lois Jovanovic, MD, answers questions about pregnancy and diabetes

BD answers questions about insulin injections during pregnancy!


The following sites have graciously provided links to Diabetic Mommy
please visit them
Pregnancy Info: This site has hours of content to browse through and covers just about every question men and women have about pregnancy. I especially love it because it's easy to understand and is laid out so that you can find everything.

My Personal Welcome to You!

Everyone is welcome - type 1, type 2, and those of you with gestational diabetes. You are even welcome just if you are at high risk for developing diabetes in the future!

I understand how hard it is to find information on diabetes - especially when you look for specific topics such as diabetes in pregnancy or women's issues in regards to diabetes.

I started this web site and forum after I experienced a very lonely pregnancy. I was scared and sometimes confused with all the information being given to me. Most of the information was very negative and was given in a very depressing manner. I wanted more information, but my health care team did not have the time.

Every sonogram or amniotic fluid check caused a little anxiety. Every abnormality, lessened kick count, pain, or cramp made me feel something was terribly wrong. A sick day, like the stomach flu, could make my blood sugar too low and require hospitalization.

My non-diabetic friends just didn't fully understand. It was hard to explain why I had so many appointments or why I had to go for non stress tests and fetal monitoring. When I tried to express my stress, one person called me a drama queen - invalidating my worry. I longed for support or some type of community, but could not find one.

I hope you find the friends and support you are looking for in the forum here...or message board...or discussion group...whatever you want to call it. There are lots of wonderful women in there!

I hope all you find what you are looking for - and your familes and loved ones too. This place is for all of you - you deserve it! - Diabetic Mommy


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