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About Me




We have a very nice and thriving DM community. I am so happy you are here to find friends and support.  The site might seem abandoned at the moment. I’m actually in the process of changing over from the old site and old forum. I am wearing many hats – blogger, editor, webmaster, graphic artist, secretary, etc…..so please bear with me through the bumps.

First of all, I am NOT

  • a doctor or any type of health professional
  • a fitness professional
  • or a dietician or nutritionist

This site is NOT a source of medical advice.  This site is a platform for me to share my trials, tribulations, and successes of trying to live with diabetes and improve my quality of life with a healthy lifestyle and a positive strong mental attitude.

I AM a mid 40-something-year-old woman (with one tween son) who has had type 2 diabetes for over 20 years. along with other chronic genetic conditions*  I am also a relatively new divorcee.  In short, I have been to hell and back, and I’m still going strong with no complications,  and have learned a thing or two.

More About Me

My name is Elizabeth “Bjay” Gardner (formerly Woolley). I am a student and writer living in Arizona.  I was formerly the type 2 diabetes guide for About.com.  I have written for print and internet publications on a variety of subjects, but mainly about diabetes.    I am passionate about motivating others with diabetes.

In my studies I have learned that over 50% of Americans cannot satisfactorily comprehend a standard medical handout.  That SHOCKED me.  I love to try to put complicated medical concepts into everyday words in the hopes I will help someone.  I also like to challenge others to look at things in new ways and to seek the goal of a great quality of life and joy.

If you have visited the old site you may have seen the big optimistic bright-eyed story of my marriage and my son’s birth.  My absence from writing coincided with my marriage going bad and ending.  Dark, dark days.  However, I am now very happy and feeling so blessed.  I find such wonderment in the little things.  Bugs.  Sunlight.  Beautiful colors.  My son.  We are so blessed.

I have been on different life paths and I feel that has helped me “get” and understand more people.  If you are still reading, I would bet that you are more than likely a woman with diabetes, regardless of “type,” who has just found out they are about to have a baby.  I also bet you are scared.  I know.  I was there and that was precisely why I made this site.  You are NOT alone.  Movies like Steel Magnolias do NOT depict a normal pregnancy with diabetes.  You may be pregnant with diabetes.  However, you ARE fortunate to be able to shove diabetes around a little.  There is information, there are tools, and the medical people out there are more knowledgeable than ever.

I hope you enjoy the site and my adventures.



This is not a health care site.  The editor, contributors, forum moderators and members do not give medical or mental health advice.  Please consult with qualified professionals to find the right regimen and treatment for you.  Do not make changes without consulting your health care team.

Remember this site for all women with diabetes (type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes) and what works for one person may not work for another.  Members who share their experiences may have a different type of diabetes and drastically different situation.  Again, your best medical resource is your doctor. The editor, contributors, moderators, and members cannot be held responsible if you attempt self-treatment or interpret information or communication as medical advice.

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This site represents a peer-to-peer relationship.  In no way shall it be interpreted as medical advice.


* I have alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in case you, dear visitor, are an alpha-1 and diabetic too.